What’s on My Altar?

In most practices of the Craft, an altar is where the magic happens (I went there). Your altar should be a peaceful place of good energy where you feel most at ease carrying out your rituals. For a lot of witches, this space is outside. Many witches keep an outdoor altar since many spells and rituals require the pure light of the moon. For an apartment dwelling witch like myself an indoor space can work just as well. I have chosen the hearth of my fireplace as the spot of my altar. It’s spacious, fireproof (which is important!) and out of the way.

There are a few main tools it’s good to have on your altar for most practices and below I’ll list some of my favorites and their uses.

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Fertility Pouch/Amulet

Times: Waxing Cresecnt or Full moon.

Candles: a blue candle (for matters of health)

Incense: Frankincense (to dispel negativity)

Herbs: Basil(few leaves), Mint(few leaves), Poppy seeds (1 tsp), Cinnamon (1 tsp)

Blue cloth, green/white thread

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A Mouthful of Lughnasadh


Lughnasadh (or Lammas) is celebrated on August 1st and is one of the Sabbats of the Witches’ Calendar. Lughnasadh is a Celtic festival celebrating the summer harvest. It gets it’s name from the Celtic god Lugh, a warrior hero type and the Celtic solar deity. In the Gaelic tradition, Lughnasadh is celebrated with a feast, athletic events (like running up hills for some reason) and religious religious rituals. Lughnasadh is still celebrated in non witch circles but may go by other names – may favorite being Crom Dubh Sunday. Lughnasadh does not necessarily have to be celebrated on August 1st, but sometimes will be celebrated on the following Sunday (hence Crum Dubh Sunday) or the nearest full moon if you want to be extra druid-y.

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Why Do I Do This?

What is Wicca? In my own words, a philosophy based on the symbols and archetypes of the triple goddess (maiden, mother and crone), the moon, and old mythologies and stresses the importance of the natural world and the universal cosmic balance. Wicca, or the Craft, is such a unique and unbridled religion that beliefs can vary and this is my own variation. Part of what I seek to work through in this blog is the creation of my own vein of the craft. Through practice, reading and research, I hope to find the perfect elements to a Craft that is right for me.

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