Health Pouch

Your health is some serious shit. I 100% do not recommend doing a spell and not doing any actual medical treatments when seeking healing. However, I do think there is something positive to be said for having a charm to channel your energy into and put you in a positive state of mind working in the background. I recently wrote up this spell for a friend dealing with some health issues and I do think it may have helped put her in a better place so I hope this helps you.

health ingredsTimes: Waning Moon-banishing negative energies/maladies

Incense: Something purifying like frankincense or sage

Items needed:

  • Square white or blue cloth
  • Needle and blue thread
  • Blue Candle
  • Paper and pen
  • Mint (a sprig, think about what will fit in your pouch)
  • Cloves (a tbsp)
  • Salt
  • Metal bowl or fire safe receptacle
  • Small quartz (optional, for additional purification)

health pouch start altar

  • Start the spell by folding your cloth square in half into a triangle. Start sewing one side of the cloth to seal off the bottom.
  • Light your blue candle.
  • Put a bit of salt in your mortar and pestle

“Salt of the earth, balance and strengthen my spell”

  • Put your mint in the mortar and pestle. Grind clockwise 5 times and say the following:

“Mint to aid and heal the sick, brighten their darkness and heal them quick”

  • Add the cloves. Grind counterclockwise 5 times and say the following:

“Cloves, negativity and harm do banish, take these energies and make them vanish”

  • Make sure you’ve released a lot of aromatic oils and then place mixture into the pouch.
  • Add the quartz

“I add this quartz to purify and ward away the evil eye”

  • Write the ailment you wish to banish from either yours or your loved one’s life. Light it with the blue candle and drop it in your fire safe bowl.

“Fire to purify and banish the sickness. Send my hopes to the divine with this smoke, cure their ailments with quickness”

  • Once the paper has gone *completely* to ashes, add the ash to the bag.
  • Finish sewing the bag up tightly. Tie it off. To seal the bag pour the wax from the blue candle onto the knot.

Put under a pillow as you sleep while you or your loved one is recovering.




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