Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse occurs on the same day as the new moon and as such is a great day to celebrate powerful new beginnings. There aren’t very many resources about the importance of a solar eclipse in magick, so I’m going to use what I know to come up with some ideas for you to use this celestial event to your advantage!


The upcoming solar eclipse is on August 21, 2017, which is also the new moon in August. during the eclipse, both the sun and moon will be in Leo. This placement of the two main celestial bodies is going to double down on how Leo affects your life. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun. People born with a sun sign Leo are creative, passionate, warm-hearted and good humored. Leos often can be seen as arrogant stubborn and lazy. A Leo moon in transit (meaning the place of the moon on a given day) is a cheerful time to let that good hearted Leo sensibilities shine through. A day in Leo moon may be a day to let your spontaneity and creativity take the reins. You may take pride in your looks or your work today, but the proclivity for that pride to turn to arrogance may be high.

Because both the sun and moon will be in Leo, all of these tendencies will be amplified. Coupled with the properties of the new moon, this should be an excellent time to start a new creative undertaking or work of passion. Tarot spread at this time should be looking at the creative and fun aspects of the month to come. This would be a great time to cast spells to reignite passion in a relationship, banish pride or lift your creative spirits.

Ritual to Boost Creative Energy



  • 1 orange candle (orange to stimulate energy)
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Small (will fit in your jar) symbol of your craft (paint brush, pen, cooking utensil etc.)
  • White ribbon
  • Glass(important) jar

Cast your circle to prepare the ritual (see my last post about casting circles)

  • Light your candle. As you light it, consider your passion for your craft being reignited. Focus on what you want to create in the next month, or if you’re not that far in your process, focus on what type of energy you want to bring on your journey. Meditate on these topics for 10-15 minutes or longer if you feel so inclined.
  • After you’ve meditated on what you will need for your creative endeavor, write down one or two things you’d like to ask the muse for help with. Fold the paper and hold it to your heart

I ask the muse for help, to grace me with her touch

to use your light to ignite my passions, but never as my crutch.

  • Light the piece of paper and drop it into the jar. As it burns say:

“With the magic of flame and smoke

the muse and spirits I do invoke

to light my way and warm my heart

and guide my hand in my chosen art”

  • Let the paper burn to ash in the jar
  • Pass your item associated with your craft quickly and carefully through the flame to imbue it with your energies, say the same incantations. Place in jar with ash.
  • Close lid. Tie jar with white ribbon to symbolize new beginnings.
  • Set jar in front of candle while candle burns completely out.
  • Keep jar near or in your work space until the given project is complete.

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