Full Moon

Throughout countless old religions, the full moon holds symbolism. Often, the moon is associated with a strong female goddess, Artemis in Greece, Mayari in the Philippines and Isis in Egypt, which is why many Wiccans who practice goddess worship(idk if I do yet) perform offerings and request communion with the Lady of the Moon. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to this branch of Wicca, the full moon is a time when energies are heightened and that can be harnesses to your advantage.


Undoubtedly, a full moon is one of the best times for practicing magic. You’re in full communion with the moon and the psychic and strengthen powers associated with her. The full moon is often referred to as an Esbat in many Wiccan texts and can be celebrated a number of different ways. Esbats will include a number of other spells appropriate for the time including

  • divination
  • wish magic
  • health spells
  • blessings
  • intuition and psychic spells
  • omen reading
  • prophetic dreaming
  • transformation
  • crystal charging +

One of the most popular rituals at full moon is drawing down the moon. Drawing down the moon takes a number of forms depending what you are reading, but often it involves invoking the goddess and creating holy water. Personally, none of the rituals I’ve tried in the past six months have really worked for me. I’m still trying to find a perfect balance in language and ritual. Oftentimes, some of the rituals are just a little too clumsy and archetypally religious for me, if that makes sense.

Below I’ll share a spell appropriate for the time. Anointing your tools to ensure they don’t harbor negative energies to interfere with your other practices can be crucial. It also creates a distinct boundary between your magickal items on your altar and just a kitchen knife. I’ve anointed all the pieces of my altar. I employ a lot of mala/meditition beads and like to anoint them before I assign a mantra to them. The picture included below show what was used to anoint my newest meditation beads.

fog moon


Tool/Item Anointing:

altar anointing

This is a pretty basic anointing spell that can be adapted for magical tools or other items you may wish to consecrate and/or imbue with other properties. The most recent think I anointed was an amethyst meditation rosary. I wanted to consecrate it to banish any negative energies and enhance the psychic and calming properties of the amethyst. The full moon is the ideal time to do this spell. The moon is the at its peak, right before moving into the waning phase, which makes it the perfect time to fill with strength and blessings and to banish

amethyst rosary
Bought from CrystalCactus.com

Items needed:

  • incense (a good go to is frankincense for all around purification. You may also opt to pick an oil that matches intention. For the psychic and calming properties i chose lavender)
  • anointing oil (same as idea as the incense)
  • Black candle inscribed with the following runes:


runa algiz

Algiz- used to give protection from negative impulses and to fill with power


Hagalaz- used to remove unwanted influence and break negative habits (or stop them from forming)


Eihwaz- initiation into wisdom, development of the spirit

carved candle black

altar anointing


  • Raise the item above your altar:

“Goddess of the Moon, spirits of  old, elements hear me: communicate the facets of your strength, wisdom and power into this [item]

  • Dip item in holy water or sprinkle the item with it

“Guardian of water, gift to this [item] your wisdom, emotional strength and psychic [or intuitive] power. Allow this energy and cleansing power to flow through this item and into it’s use.”

  • Lightly and quickly pass item through flame of the black inscribed candle.

“Guardian of fire, gift to this [item] your strength to manifest intention and passion. Allow this energy and igniting power to flow through this item and into it’s use”

  • Drop a few (whatevers appropriate for the size of item) of oil onto the palmd. Rub palms over item

“Guardian of the earth, gift to this [item] your ability to nurture and harvest the fruit of my intention. Allow this energy and grounding power to flow through this item into it’s use”

  • Pass item through incense:

“Guardian of air, gift to this item the ability communicate my will through this item. Allow this energy and power of wisdom to flow thris item into it’s use.

  • Hold item up above altar

“Goddess of the moon spirits of old, elements: I thank you for appearing by my side, aiding me in my Craft and consecrating this item.  May your gifts strengthen my ability to serve in perfect love and perfect trust” 


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