Fertility Pouch/Amulet

Times: Waxing Cresecnt or Full moon.

Candles: a blue candle (for matters of health)

Incense: Frankincense (to dispel negativity)

Herbs: Basil(few leaves), Mint(few leaves), Poppy seeds (1 tsp), Cinnamon (1 tsp)

Blue cloth, green/white thread

Carve candle with three runes:


Wunjo: success to all endeavors


Uruz: clear obstacles and change circumstances


inguz 2

Inguz: fertility

  • Light candle. Hold it up towards the moon.

Here is a sign of that which I seek. Help me clear the obstacles in fertility I face and grant me success in seeking motherhood.”

  • Set the candle down on a dish so you can allow it to burn all the way out.
  • Put herbs in a mortar and pestle. Grind them clockwise. As you do, face the moon and focus on a mother/moon goddess of choice (maybe Diana, Virgin Mary, maybe just the moon) say the following:

Cinnamon for fertility. basil for luck, mint for health and poppy seeds for motherhood. As you have your child/ren, grant me mine. Bless me with bounty and child”

  • Focus your thoughts and energy to the womb visualize
  • Grind until you’ve got the oils out of the herbs and your mixture smells aromatic.
  • Put herbs into the pouch our sachet and seal with thread. Put under your mattress while you try to conceive




This spell was a request, written based on research but I’ve never tried it (as I have no want of fertility right now). If you try it let me know how everything works or if you have suggestions on how to improve!


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