Tarot Blessing

Best Times: Waxing to Full Moon – a time of charging up


  • One white candle
  • One black candle
  • Frankincense or lavender incense
  • Holy water or spring water
  • Salt
  • A black ribbon or thread
  • Tarot Deck

tarot deck

I’ve been trying my hand at tarot along with other aspects of the craft for about 6 months. I bought my first deck in February of this year. I bough a deck I resonated with visually and aesthetically to start out with, The Hermetic Tarot deck. Its an absolutely beautiful deck, but it is NOT user friendly for starting out, in my opinion. Although the imagery is beautiful it doesn’t lend itself easily for interpretation.

ryder waite

In order to facilitate learning, I got a new deck. Incidentally they are the “HUGE” Rider-Waite deck, which I got by accident. They are way too big for my hands (lol) and are pretty hard for me to shuffle but I like them well enough. The Rider-Waite imagery is a lot better for me as far as picking out the meaning more quickly. Generally speaking, I’ve read that you shouldn’t get a new deck until you’ve had your current deck for at least a year. This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your deck and each individual card. I did not follow this because I found it nearly impossible to learn the Minor Arcana from my first deck. I definitely feel like the Rider-Waite deck is where I should have started. This is the deck that I used for the spell below.

tarot statiue

The Spell:

  • First tie the tarot deck up with a black ribbon or string. Make sure there is not a lot of excess on the bow (fire safety!). Then light candles and incense.
  • Place the tarot bundle between the black and white candles – this symbolizes the balance and fairness you want to instill in your cards.
  • Hold up cards above the altar:

Guide these tarot cards to stray away from dark and negative influence, to ensure their path in light and truth”

  • Pass the cards through the incense:

By the guardian of Air in the east, bless these cards that they may only speak truth”

  • Pass the cards through the flame *quickly*:

“By the guardian of Fire in the south ,bless these cards to inspire action in myself and the querant”

  • Sprinkle the card with the water holy or otherwise:

By the guardian of Water in the west, bless these cards to tap into the deep waters of subconscious emotion”

  • Sprinkle the cards with salt:

By the guardian of Earth in the north, bless these cards, that they may be grounded in this reality”

Store your cards in a dark colored bag or scarf. I personally store mine in a scarf that I fold out to do readings on.


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