Imbolc is almost upon us (February 1-2) and I am here for it! This Imbolc will be my one year anniversary of practicing the Craft and I will be doing an initiation for myself during the Sabbat. Oddly, I just so happened to pick up Witchcraft around this time, but Imbolc is a very popular time for initiations/reinitiations. This Imbolc also nicely aligns with the lunar eclipse on January 30th while the full moon is in Leo. This will close the gateway that was opened during the solar eclipse in Leo in August last year. So I, for one, will be taking this time to explore a little psychic work as well.

What is Imbolc?

Imbolc (pronounce ee-molk, according to the internet) is one of the four traditional Celtic fire festivals (see also Beltane, Luggnasadh, and Mabon). Imbolc is celebrated at the first signs of spring, and if you are a triple goddess Wiccan, Imbolc is the time where the Crone is transitioning to the Maiden. Themes of death and rebirth are what make it such a popular time for initiations. The Sabbat is very centered on the return of the Sun and light. Because of this, the Catholic church has adopted the practices of Imbolc for their Feast of Saint Brigid (Pronounced BREED) or Candlemas, which is traditionally a time when all of the candles used by the church throughout the year. I’ll be co-opting a little of that back into my Imbolc ritual and I’ll be blessing my stockpile of candles. So this year for Imbolc I’ll be doing a lot. This post will definitely be longer, but I’ll try to making the headings bold for easier scrolling.

So anyways, buckle up bitch its Imbolc.

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New Moon Tarot Reading 1/16/18

This month’s tarot theme (aka the first one!! yeehaw!!) was pulled today, January 16th, 2018. The cards were pulled with no specific intention in mind, but pulled with the intention of being broad over arching themes that can apply to us all but then I just ended up reading them less broad anyway so O WELL.

The Spread:

I pulled this off pinterest, as with most of my tarot card spreads. I’m not a huge fan of this spread and would like to write my own, but for the sake of time I’ll be using this one.


The Astrological Context:


I have been absolutely toiling away attempting to understand how astrology and how it can better my practice, so here I’m going to talk the overall astrological outlook because that will be informing my reading. I am NU at astrology so if anything seems off or totally misguided, please teach me your ways!!

New Moon: It’s the new moon and that means intentions and setting goals are IT! This is the time to cast off what no longer serves you and prepare for what will come. The new moon is the time to implement those changes or take stock of how the changes you’ve already made are coming along. It’s about resetting and checking in!

Sun in Capricorn: With the sun in Capricorn, ambitions shine. Take a realistic and grounded approach to the problem at hand. Make sure to not be too goal oriented, remember to take time to assist those around with their aspirations.

Moon in Capricorn: Yikes bitch!! Looks like we are really setting these goals this time around! Use this alignment of goal oriented power to propel longer term goals and give yourself a foundation to build on down the road.

The upcoming full moon is the lunar eclipse in Leo which will close out the eclipse gate that was opened in the solar eclipse in Leo last summer. Leo is the sign of creation and action, so take this time as the moon is waxing to fill yourself with energy, hype yourself on your goals and take a running leap into the year!!


(excuse this garbage phone photo)

  1. Where are we! Two of Swords represents the mind suppressing emotions. We may be taking a pause or blocked currently. The emotional choice may be the correct one. Stop over thinking the situation at hand.
  2. What do we need to see? Queen of Wands represents power over your actions. Bitch! When I tell you we are achieving goals!! See the actions that need to be taken to achieve the intention(s) you’ve set. Visualize yourself achieving your goals to manifestation.
  3. Needs to be released? The Tower represents over throwing old ways of thinking, power structures and ways of thinking. Let go of that old shit! We are coming into the new year with clear intentions, detached from the baggage of the past. Relinquish what doesn’t serve you.
  4. Energy to harvest and use? Two of Cups represents duality and balance. Harvest the energy of the level headed and grounded Capricorn to bring balance to the journey. The flexibility and balance will be needed, build a strong foundation for it now.
  5. Where to focus your intention. King of Swords represents mastery over your intelligence and thoughts. With the first card being the two of swords, I’d say it’s important to examine what hesitations or anxieties that are blocking our emotions from being free. What is causing our blockage and why have we put this guard up? How can we dissolve it?
  6. New opportunity! Eight of Cups represents identifying the source of your emotions. With the eclipse gateway closing soon, take the opportunity to create or build something that will make you truly feel. If you do not seek it out, the opportunity to really be IN your feelings and examine them will be there! Seize it bitch! Feel deeply and learn from it!!


So, not that anyone was waiting on the edge of their seats, but I’ve been MIA for a while now from here but I am ready to get back in the game! I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental health issues this past year, but I’m ready to begin my one year initiation in February and take this year as a time to really center myself and delve deeper in my spiritual journey.


I’ve been working a few things since I’ve been gone that I’ll be highlighting in my next few posts. I’ve gotten a lot better at tarot reading and would like to start doing regular readings. I’ve gotten a lot of tools for divination, including a pendulum and crystal ball. I’ve yet to really work with either in depth, but I’ll be documenting my experiences here.

This post was mostly for myself, to fee organized, but here you go! Two thousand great-teen coming at ya!

Bind this Bitch

*The next nationwide hex of Trump is Saturday, August 19th*

A bind is invoking spirits to prevent a certain individual(s) from doing further harm. A bind is neither a positive nor a negative spell, but more of a neutralizing spell. Some witches object to the idea of a bind on the grounds that it constitutes harm.  The Wiccan Rede comes in to play here: “Harm none, do what ye will.”  Because of this, I try to do spells that bring light to the world and positivity to others. HOWEVER, I truly feel that these disgusting and various white power, fascist scumbags bring so much negativity through their existence, subduing them with bad energy can only result in positivity on a wider scale. We’re thinking big picture here.

Similar to my health spell, I do not condone using this spell alone without any action on the physical plane. Write your congressman, call out your racist uncle, get out in the streets and punch a nazi. If you ask the spirits to help you in action on their plane, be about it on your plane.

If you’re not a fan of this spell, there are plenty out there on the internet. This spell was written by me using various elements of tradition bindings.

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Health Pouch

Your health is some serious shit. I 100% do not recommend doing a spell and not doing any actual medical treatments when seeking healing. However, I do think there is something positive to be said for having a charm to channel your energy into and put you in a positive state of mind working in the background. I recently wrote up this spell for a friend dealing with some health issues and I do think it may have helped put her in a better place so I hope this helps you.

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Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse occurs on the same day as the new moon and as such is a great day to celebrate powerful new beginnings. There aren’t very many resources about the importance of a solar eclipse in magick, so I’m going to use what I know to come up with some ideas for you to use this celestial event to your advantage!

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Full Moon

Throughout countless old religions, the full moon holds symbolism. Often, the moon is associated with a strong female goddess, Artemis in Greece, Mayari in the Philippines and Isis in Egypt, which is why many Wiccans who practice goddess worship(idk if I do yet) perform offerings and request communion with the Lady of the Moon. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to this branch of Wicca, the full moon is a time when energies are heightened and that can be harnesses to your advantage.

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Casting a Circle

Casting a circle is usually the first step to any ritual. If you’ve seen The Craft (great movie, above) or any movie about witches you’re probably familiar with the basic concept. Casting a circle is  a way to call upon elemental forces or different deities to aid in your magickal purpose. It’s a way to protect your ritual and yourself from attracting negative energies. Continue reading “Casting a Circle”

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