Bind this Bitch

*The next nationwide hex of Trump is Saturday, August 19th*

A bind is invoking spirits to prevent a certain individual(s) from doing further harm. A bind is neither a positive nor a negative spell, but more of a neutralizing spell. Some witches object to the idea of a bind on the grounds that it constitutes harm.  The Wiccan Rede comes in to play here: “Harm none, do what ye will.”  Because of this, I try to do spells that bring light to the world and positivity to others. HOWEVER, I truly feel that these disgusting and various white power, fascist scumbags bring so much negativity through their existence, subduing them with bad energy can only result in positivity on a wider scale. We’re thinking big picture here.

Similar to my health spell, I do not condone using this spell alone without any action on the physical plane. Write your congressman, call out your racist uncle, get out in the streets and punch a nazi. If you ask the spirits to help you in action on their plane, be about it on your plane.

If you’re not a fan of this spell, there are plenty out there on the internet. This spell was written by me using various elements of tradition bindings.

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Health Pouch

Your health is some serious shit. I 100% do not recommend doing a spell and not doing any actual medical treatments when seeking healing. However, I do think there is something positive to be said for having a charm to channel your energy into and put you in a positive state of mind working in the background. I recently wrote up this spell for a friend dealing with some health issues and I do think it may have helped put her in a better place so I hope this helps you.

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Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse occurs on the same day as the new moon and as such is a great day to celebrate powerful new beginnings. There aren’t very many resources about the importance of a solar eclipse in magick, so I’m going to use what I know to come up with some ideas for you to use this celestial event to your advantage!

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Full Moon

Throughout countless old religions, the full moon holds symbolism. Often, the moon is associated with a strong female goddess, Artemis in Greece, Mayari in the Philippines and Isis in Egypt, which is why many Wiccans who practice goddess worship(idk if I do yet) perform offerings and request communion with the Lady of the Moon. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to this branch of Wicca, the full moon is a time when energies are heightened and that can be harnesses to your advantage.

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Casting a Circle

Casting a circle is usually the first step to any ritual. If you’ve seen The Craft (great movie, above) or any movie about witches you’re probably familiar with the basic concept. Casting a circle is  a way to call upon elemental forces or different deities to aid in your magickal purpose. It’s a way to protect your ritual and yourself from attracting negative energies. Continue reading “Casting a Circle”

What’s on My Altar?

In most practices of the Craft, an altar is where the magic happens (I went there). Your altar should be a peaceful place of good energy where you feel most at ease carrying out your rituals. For a lot of witches, this space is outside. Many witches keep an outdoor altar since many spells and rituals require the pure light of the moon. For an apartment dwelling witch like myself an indoor space can work just as well. I have chosen the hearth of my fireplace as the spot of my altar. It’s spacious, fireproof (which is important!) and out of the way.

There are a few main tools it’s good to have on your altar for most practices and below I’ll list some of my favorites and their uses.

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A Mouthful of Lughnasadh


Lughnasadh (or Lammas) is celebrated on August 1st and is one of the Sabbats of the Witches’ Calendar. Lughnasadh is a Celtic festival celebrating the summer harvest. It gets it’s name from the Celtic god Lugh, a warrior hero type and the Celtic solar deity. In the Gaelic tradition, Lughnasadh is celebrated with a feast, athletic events (like running up hills for some reason) and religious religious rituals. Lughnasadh is still celebrated in non witch circles but may go by other names – may favorite being Crom Dubh Sunday. Lughnasadh does not necessarily have to be celebrated on August 1st, but sometimes will be celebrated on the following Sunday (hence Crum Dubh Sunday) or the nearest full moon if you want to be extra druid-y.

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